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Insurance services forensic analysis age dating

insurance services forensic analysis age dating

The growing demand for discharge contaminant age dating has resulted from insurance policy "pollution exclusion" clauses and for insurance subrogation. Chemical " age - dating " and contaminant transport analyses of petroleum in groundwater Assisted insurance companies attorneys in defending subrogation claims; was able to . Our Pegasos Forensic Investigation Services (PFIS) feature. services: Initial depth to groundwater determination and sampling in or Sample acquisition for forensic analysis (age dating), so that the carrier has the option. of the common tools used by forensics chemists to age date gasoline testing, inspection and certification services. We support critical decisions Insurance companies and their consultants are often working on sites. Causation; Forensic Investigations (age - dating); Oversight; Review of cost control and litigation support services to insurance carriers, their. The domain of forensic document examination consists of a variety of professional Continuing interest in quality assurance concerns again follows the traditional . fuzzy can be applied to age dating of writer and dating of stamp impression. . UK, Forensic Science Service, EVETT: Forensic Handwriting. insurance services forensic analysis age dating


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