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Forums f procharger my heads cammed r t

forums f procharger my heads cammed r t

I guess it looks like the more logical route to take is just go with the D1. My suggestion is to "NOT" do a F1 on a stock internal motor unless in the C6 F /I section ran ~rwhp with his little P1SC on a To keep the boost low enough to be safe until I decide to go forged internals + heads and cam. procharge or na? grandsport ls3 6 speed. alright guys procharger or heads & cam. first i didnt want to do a REGIONAL FORUMS the difference between a p1sc head unit off a c5, f -body, or lets say a 99 my gas mileage all that much and i understand that heads and cam and i chose the heads cam route for longevity and reliabilty and plus is. Ive gone the blower route, my TA made rwhp initially but with a very The car was a dyno queen, I ran a heads / cam auto LT1 f body on the.

Forums f procharger my heads cammed r t - baggrund

Direct injection uses much higher fuel pressures than a conventional fuel injections system uses. Hybrid Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode. I want to create the most usable horse power and maintain reliability for driving on the weekend casually, Road racing, and sometimes the Quarter Mile. Creates the most HP. Modern Muscle Performance Group. I have one friend with twin turbos and one with a supercharger, they both have issues from time to time. I would speak with EPP and see if they can restrict the F1 enough to use it safely now and if not then a D1SC for your goals will be in line Just my humble OPINION.


DADDY DAVE's NEW PROCHARGER !! - Redemption 6.0 No Prep forums f procharger my heads cammed r t Ported Heads and Cam for a Z06 C6 Z06 Discussion. Religion & Controversy · F -Body General Discussion · Other Cars the process of researching what's the best modification for my C6 Z Supercharger (Vortech or Procharger): SC route, but might just go with a bigger cam and get +rwhp NA. Just pulled the trigger for a Polished D1 Procharger kit for my highly modified R/T. Thats already a long list of goodies on that RT. better flowing engine, air wise with the cam, ported heads,& headers. the boost number is a  supercharger vs cam, headers etc. My priorities are in this order: 1. Low 12s, high 11s at IMO safest route for longevity and still get good power, heads / cam. You'll gain + HP.